Google Announces AdMob API Open Beta

Google has announced an open beta release of an all-new Admob API. Google is providing the API specifically for application providers using AdMob, the company’s Platform for promoting and monetizing mobile applications. The new API provides data that more accurately mirrors the information that users would find in the AdMob User Interface

The primary goal of offering the new API is to provide data that is more accurate and consistent with the information that you would find in the AdMob UI. However, Google also mentions plans to provide quicker access to future technology, including JSON REST, via the new API. The company also mentions plans to provide programmatic access to mediation reporting via the API. 

The API is currently available to all AdMob users and interested developers should check out the getting started guide. Google is also encouraging early adopters to contribute feedback. The AdMob API is intended to fully replace the AdSense APITrack this API where application providers are concerned.  

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