Google Announces AdWords API v201302, Workshop Series in March and April

Google has announced the release of a new version of the AdWords API (v201302) which includes many new features. Google has also announced that the next global AdWords API Workshop series will take place in March and April of this year.


AdWords API v201302 includes a variety of changes which are detailed in the API release notes. New features and functionality have been added to the AdWords API in the new release and include (but are not limited to):

  • Campaign Service Changes - For natively managing enhanced campaigns.
  • AdGroupAdService Changes - To submit mobile preferred ads.
  • New FeedServices - Custom data feeds that can be used to manage site, phone, and app link extensions.
  • New Bidding Structure - Simplifies the management of bidding transitions.
  • New Reports - New reports have been added including Placement Performance Report, Audience Performance Report, Display Topics Performance Report and other reports, some of which are beta versions.

Google has made available a v201302 migration guide and more information about the changes to the AdWords API can be found in the release notes.

Note: Google has deprecated AdWords API v201209 and this version will be sunsetted on July 1st, 2013.

In conjunction with the release of AdWords API v201302, Google has announced that the next global AdWords API Workshop series will take place in March and April of this year. The workshops will take place in the cities of San Francisco, London, Hamburg, Amsterdam, New York City, Paris, Sydney and Tokyo.

The AdWords API Workshops will cover a variety of important topics such as updates and best practices, new features included in the latest release, new tools and more.

The AdWords API Workshop series dates and times as well as how to register can be found at the workshops website.

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