Google Announces Apigee API Security Reporting

Google has recently announced the addition of new API security reporting features to the company’s API management Platform. These new features are currently in beta, with the company intending to roll out functionality to all Apigee Edge enterprise cloud customers over the next several weeks. 

The new service offers several new capabilities to users, including tools that aim to increase security compliance, improve visibility into user behavior, and enable more precise diagnostics of API issues.

The new security compliance feature aims to provide administrators with an overview of adherence to security policies and compliance requirements across all APIs. Users will also gain access to metrics covering traffic, extension policy configurations, and shared flow configurations.

Additionally, customers will gain access to new metrics that highlight user behavior surrounding access to sensitive data. The company hopes that this will allow customers to identify suspicious behavior by analyzing usage patterns.

Lastly, Apigee API security reporting provides customers with runtime analysis tools that could help identify where an API security incident occurred. The company is hoping that this will allow users to more quickly resolve issues. 

Disclosure: MuleSoft, the parent company to ProgrammableWeb, is a competitor to the companies mentioned in this article.

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