Google Announces Apigee Hybrid API Management

This week at Google’s Cloud Next conference, the company announced the beta release of Apigee Hybrid, a new deployment option for Apigee’s API management platform. This new service enables enterprises to host the Apigee runtime in a hybrid environment, with deployments both on-premises and in the public cloud.

This new offering hopes to provide flexibility for organizations looking to adopt a multi-cloud strategy by simplifying the process of using Apigee to manage APIs that are distributed across private data centers and public clouds. To do this, the new service provides a customer-managed runtime plane for all API traffic, alongside Apigee's management plane for API lifecycle management. The platform provides asynchronous communication between the runtime and management planes.

To validate the need for these new capabilities, Google pointed to research by RightScale which claims that over two-thirds of enterprises currently have a multi-cloud strategy. This same research appears to indicate that a majority of enterprises (58%) have implemented a hybrid-cloud.

Disclosure: MuleSoft, parent company to ProgrammableWeb, is a competitor to the companies mentioned in this article.

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