Google Announces Chrome Trusted Web Activity and User Experience Report

At the October 2017 Chrome Developer Summit, Google announced two new Chrome browser-related tools; Trusted Web Activity and User Experience Report. Trusted Web Activity is a new technology that allows developers to integrate Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and other web-app content with an Android app using a protocol that is similar to Chrome Custom Tabs. Trusted Web activities are available in Chrome's Canary channel. Trusted Web Activity APIs and sample code will be made available in the Android support library version 27.

Chrome User Experience Report is a public dataset of key user experience metrics that Google has collected, with permission, from Chrome users. The report is currently available as a public Google BigQuery dataset. The dataset provides data related to Chrome user experiences under real-world conditions. The initial User Experience Report release includes sample data from 10,000 origins and focuses on loading metrics. The company aims to add to the report metrics and dimensions that will provide further insight into loading, and insights about other factors that most impact user experience.

The metrics provided by the Chrome User Experience Report are powered by several W3C standard web platform APIs such as the Paint Timing API and Network Information API, both of which are available in Chrome M60+. The Paint Timing API is used to report the time when the browser has basically started to render the page. The API is also used to report the time when the browser first renders any page content such as text and images (when users start to consume page content). The Network Information API is used to provide information about the network connection type such as 2g, 3g, 4g, and offline.

Visit the Google Developers website for more information about the Trusted Web Activity and User Experience Report.

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