Google Announces Classroom API

Google released Classroom last year to encourage and assist with collaboration between teachers and students. Recently, Google released a developer preview of the Classroom API. The API empowers administrators to manage classes at scale and enables developers to integrate third-party applications with Classroom. Users can create classes, distribute assignments, provide feedback and much more in a single place with Classroom.

The API integrates with other Google Apps for Education but has already seen significant Integration with third-party innovators. The New Visions CloudLab, which created Doctopus, created rosterSync, which syncs data from student information systems with Classroom. Student information and learning management Platform Alma integrated the API to sync class rosters directly into Classroom. Pear Deck integrated with the Classroom API so Pear Deck sessions can start from any Classroom class.

The developer preview will continue throughout July. Starting next month, all Apps for Education domains will have access to the API. Via the Admin Console, administrators have the ability to restrict teacher and student access to apps and sharing functionality within Classroom. No advertising based on API data is permitted.

In addition to the API, Google announced a Classroom share button. The button allows students and teachers to assign or turn in links, videos and images from third-party sites. A few lines of code allow users to customize the button to suit their needs. More than 20 partners, including PBS, Quizlet, the American Museum of Natural History, Discovery Education, Duolingo and Time Edge, have committed to integrate the share button. To learn more, visit the Classroom Developers site.

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