Google Announces General Availability of the Cloud Billing Catalog API for GCP

On Tuesday, Google announced the general availability of a Cloud Billing Catalog API that offers real-time access to authoritative Google Cloud Platform (GCP) list pricing.

The Cloud Billing Catalog API is part of the Google Cloud Billing API, which enables users of GCP to manage all of their billing programatically.

The API, which is available via REST and RPC, covers all GCP services and for all SKUs within a particular service, provides a human-readable description, list pricing, categorization data and the regions where the SKU is available.

Using the new API, GCP users can estimate costs, predict the amount of bills and reconcile list pricing rates when they export billing data to a service like Google BigQuery. Being able to perform these tasks programatically is increasingly important to organizations that make extensive use of cloud platforms.

As Rachna Vargiya, a product manager for Google Cloud Platform Billing stated, "As your organization uses more cloud resources, effective pricing and cost management are critical."

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