Google Announces Improvements to Google Classroom API

Google has introduced a number of new capabilities to its Classroom API. The new features aim to make Classroom integrations more seamless for developers. Apps that integrate with Classroom now have the ability to programmatically add to coursework or student submissions and modify existing coursework. Google has already witnessed hundreds of third party apps integrate with Classroom, and it hopes the API upgrades will continue to build on that number.

Classroom was designed so that everyone involved in a student's education can collaborate through a single platform. Developers who utilize the Classroom API provide the connectivity that brings parties and apps together. Tools like Flat.IO, Classcraft, and Little SIS represent three of the many apps to integrate with Google Classroom. The additional API features provide more automated functionality between such apps and Google Classroom.

Student coursework is managed through the CourseWork resource. The CourseWork resource describes the assignment or question, and includes an additional materials. The title and workType fields are requied, and other fields are optional (e.g. due date, time, etc.). Student submissions are modified through the Developer Console. To see all updates, check out the API reference.

Over 20 million educators and students use Google Classroom to teach and learn. Through the Classroom API, Classroom becomes more than an app; rather, Classroom becomes an ecosystem where apps, educators, and students come together to provide a technologically enhanced experience. Keep up to date with all Google Classroom news by signing up for updates

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