Google Announces June Updates to the Display & Video 360 API

The Display & Video 360 API, which was first announced back in March, has seen a steady flow of updates over the past several months. Google has added to those improvements with a series of new features being added to the Platform.

First up is an updated ability to select targeting options for specific advertisers, these changes are then applied to both current and future campaigns. The options that can be added or removed include channel, digital content label, and sensitive category. Additionally, the API has been updated to allow targetable entity management in order to create and update Inventory Source Groups, Negative Keyword Lists, and Location Lists.

Lastly, the API also now includes a new entity field that is useful for displaying a complete list of all the line items that a specific piece of creative is currently associated with. 

For a more complete overview of the June updates, make sure to check out the release notes

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