Google Announces Rankings Boost for App Indexing API Users

Google recently announced ranking boosts for apps that utilize Google's App Indexing API. Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, Mariya Moeva, announced the rankings boost at SMX East. The rankings boost stems from Google's ability to better determine how potentially useful an app becomes to a searcher due to the enhanced ability to collect engagement data through the API. Moeva also indicated that a blog post announcing the boost would not arrive anytime soon, as a number of changes are currently in the works surrounding the API.

The App Indexing API constitutes a core offering in Google Play Services. The API allows app owners to annotate the content and capabilities of the app. After Integration, Google can display a meaningful title and appropriate deep link in search results. The one alternative to using the App Indexing API for publishing deep links is through the use of Googlebot. Google always recommends enabling app access by Googlebot.

The App Indexing API provides a number of features beyond deep link publishing. For instance, autocompletion is activated through the App Indexing API. Further, System Voice Actions are enabled in an app through integration with the API. Moeva mentioned a number of additional features within the API including iOS app indexing Documentation and new search console features. For a full list of the API features, and all the updates, visit the developers site.

Finally, Google announced its recruitment of beta testers for a number of new search features. If you are interested in becoming a tester, complete this form to receive more information. Keep an eye out for more changes and enhancements to the App Indexing API in the coming months. 

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