Google Announces Search Analytics API

Googled announced the release of its Search Analytics API this morning. After much positive feedback about the Search Analytics feature within the Google Search Console, Google opted to make the data available via an API. The goal of the API is for developers to integrate search performance data within apps and tools. For developers familiar with other Google APIs, or the Google Search Console, getting ramped up on the Search Analytics API should be a breeze.

"We're curious to see how new tools and apps that use this API will satisfy the hunger for even more information about [a user's'] site's performance in Google Search," John Mueller, Google's webmaster trends analyst, said in a blog announcement.

Google published a how-to page to help developers get started with the new API. The guide includes Python examples that users can utilize as "recipes" when integrating the API with third-party apps and tools. Examples available on the how-to page include data presence verification, top 10 queries by count, top 10 pages, top 10 queries by geographic location and top 10 mobile queries by geographic location.

Developers can query search traffic with self-defined filters and parameters. JSON data is returned in rows grouped by the parameters the developer defines. Date ranges must be at least one day long. The response presents rows sorted by click count in descending order. To learn more, visit the Webmaster Tools site

Google welcomes feedback from developers that test or put the API to use. Google encourages developers to post such feedback and ask questions at the webmaster help forum. For months now, Google has hinted that a new Search Console API was on the horizon. With today's announcement, the company confirmed the suspicion, and the developer/search community can start playing with the API immediately.

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