Google Announces the Spot Platform

Google has announced its Spot Platform. Google Spot Builds on the great success the Google Pay API has had in the Indian market. The Google Spot Platform allows merchants to set up easily accessible storefronts in both physical and digital locations.

"The Spot Platform allows you to set up your Spot on Google Pay - a digital storefront that you can create, brand and host however you choose," the Google India team explains on a product page. "It is discoverable both online as well as through a physical spot. Users can easily share a Spot on their favorite messaging app or find it on Google Pay."

Users access a relevant Spot either from a home screen or when they need it as Google suggests. That begs the question: when might one need a Spot? A Spot might become relevant when a user comes near a store that is Spot-enabled through Google Pay. A Spot might become relevant when a user visits a Spot-enabled website. Both options and more are available to merchants through the Spot platform.

Spot is built with HTML & JavaScript; therefore, it is easily integrated with most modern POS and websites. Additionally, the platform is NFC-enabled, so that Spots can be activated when a customer physically comes close to a Spot merchant. With a number of touchpoints available, merchants can stay in touch with post-sale interactions making the most of its customer relationships. Visit the developer site to learn more.

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