Google Announces Updates to Ads and Search APIs

Google recently tweaked the Google Ads APITrack this API and Google Search Console APITrack this API. The changes are more "clean-up" than they are new features, but both could affect existing integrations with the APIs. Accordingly, take a look at the changes to determine whether you need to take action in your current application.

First, Google is adjusting its Ads API to prevent the use of the same Payment accounts across manager account hierarchies. Payment accounts that belong to the Google Ads manager account hierarchy will be the only valid payment accounts to both create and update billing setups. In the Ads API, when updating/creating a new billing set up, you must select a valid payment account. In the Adwords API, when creating a budget order, you must specify a valid billing account.

In the Search Analytics API, a number of Android app search appearances will no longer be supported. The Is Install, Is App Universal, and Is Opened will no longer be available, because they are no longer used in the Search Console UI. Additionally, the Sitemaps API will no longer populate data on the indexing status of submitted sitemap files.

Both sets of changes sync up with recent changes Google has made in product strategy. With so many Google products available through APIs, product changes inevitably require API updates. For more details on the changes, visit the Search Console API update, or the Ads API update on Google blogs.

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