Google Announces Updates to ARCore and Sceneform

Last week Google announced updates to both ARCoreTrack this API, which is the company’s Platform for augmented reality, as well as Sceneform, a 3D rendering Library that can be used to create 3d scenes in AR and non-AR applications alike. Sceneform gains the ability to load gITF models at runtime, while ARCore sees the addition of point cloud IDs. Additionally, Google has decided to publish Sceneform’s UX Library Source Code, enabling developers to customize library content.

Support for Runtime gITF

Sceneform is gaining an API that will allow gITF (GL Transmission Format) models to load at runtime. In the past, models needed to be converted to SFB format, then rendered. Google explains that taking advantage of this feature should be as easy as using the RenderableSource class when building a ModelRenderable.

ARCore Adds Point Cloud IDs

Developers pointed out to Google that when working with PointClouds, it would be helpful to associate points between frames, because when one point is present in multiple frames it is often a part of a solid structure, rather than something in motion. With the addition of an API for assigning IDs to points within the cloud, Google has helped to address this issue.

Source Code Available for Sceneform UX Library

Sceneform’s UX library can help expedite the creation of common elements, saving time when compared to starting from scratch at the beginning of each new application. With the source code for theme elements being published, developers have an even greater opportunity to save time while creating exactly what they had in mind. 

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