Google Announces Updates to Drive and Picker APIs

Google has announced changes to the Google DriveTrack this API and Google Picker APIs that will change the way that developers authenticate download requests as well as provide new features. The Authentication changes will affect all users that currently authorize Google Drive download requests via an access token in a query parameter.

For users that will be required to update their authentication method Google provided the following recommendation:

  • For file downloads, redirect to the webContentLink which will instruct the browser to download the content. If the application wants to display the file to the user, they can simply redirect to the alternateLink in v2 or webViewLink in v3.
  • For file exports, redirect to the export link in exportLinks with the desired mime type which will instruct the browser to download the content.

The changes will go into effect starting January 1st, 2019. Google also noted that Drive API calls to files.get or revisions.get that do not download media content will not be affected by these changes.

Google also announced a new Resource collection called “Drives”, which is meant to replace the current “Team Drives” collection. The new resource collection promises to have all the same fields and resources as the Team Drives Collection. The company is urging developers currently using Team Drives to migrate by June 1, 2020.

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