Google Announces Updates to the Search Console API

As a result of increased demand, Google has been steadily improving the infrastructure behind the Google Search Console APITrack this API to ensure that users are able to fully leverage all of the powerful features available in the Search Console. This week, the company announced that it will be further updating the API to include fresh data and news filters, domain property support for the Sitemaps API, and more. 

The Search Console API is used by developers to programmatically manage application and website performance within Google search. With the recent updates to this service developers now have even better access to search console functionality via the API. One of the first updates is the addition of API access to fresh data and news filters. For some time now these data points have been available via the performance report and Google is now providing access to this information programmatically. 

Next, Google added the ability to query, add, and delete sitemaps via domain properties. Additionally, Google has migrated the Webmaster’s discovery document. The announcement noted that “If you’re querying the Search Console API using an external API Library, or querying the Webmasters API discovery document directly, you will need to update your API calls to include the following changes.”

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