Google API Console Opens Up Millions of Queries Daily

Google Code has launched a new API console, providing clear guidelines and reporting to developers. With it comes explicit declaration of API limits, ability to track API usage and request more queries. Three of the APIs currently tracked in the console allow any developer one million queries per day. Currently the console provides access to eight APIs, though Google expects that number to grow. You can manage API Keys, projects and team members. The APIs included at launch:

Among the million query club: Google Buzz, the microblogging and link sharing service; Google Latitude, the location sharing service; Google Moderator, the audience feedback tool. Google BuzzBuzz and Latitude each are competing with powerful and popular services, Twitter and Foursquare, respectively. In the case of Latitude, it's becoming more common to passively share one's location in the background on a mobile phone. If an application has permission to track many Latitude users, it's actually conceivable that a rate limit of that much would be necessary. Once a service is activated, the Google Console shows the limits and may even include an example call to the API, useful for a developer new to that service. You can also see reports, with a graph for each activated API. There may also be a breakdown of requests, such as the Translate API showing which languages are most commonly used. Another page, Traffic Controls, lists all your API limits and allow you to request more usage. Notable are the Feed and Prediction APIs, which appear to default to no usage. You can request more by filling out a form with information about your application.

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I am new in this feild really the google product interset me , and the google console.

I am trying to use the Google console in my graduatuion project its about Google API , I am trying to develop in it . can any one help me in my project , tell me what todo after create project in console please ..


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[...] not the first paid API for Google. Its API console, which was released last year, has a billing option. The company currently charges for the Google Custom Search API, Google [...]

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