Google APIs finetuning Cloud Storage JSON API

Google APIs is working on fine tuning the JSON API to Google Storage. It is currently in limited preview. The current API is in XML. Google Cloud Storage provides a REST API, command line tool, and online browser to create, share, and manage your data. You can also use Interoperable API access. Interoperable API access lets you use HMAC Authentication and lets Google Cloud Storage interoperate with some tools written for other cloud storage systems.

The courtesy limit for the JSON API is 100,000 requests/day. To limit access to invited guests, there will be no quota available for queries that do not identify an associated project either by providing the API key as a query parameter (useful for unauthenticated requests) or by providing an OAuth 2.0 access token, which is associated with a project.

Google Storage is priced as per follows- note there is a free quota till June 30 2013 and there are two types of storage.For more information to trying out the Google Storage JSON API, you can visit this site.  We do note that Documentation has not been updated since October 2012, while the limited preview continues to exist for JSON API.

Free Trial Quota

Google Cloud Storage offers a free trial quota until June 30, 2013. This quota is only applicable to your first project that uses Google Cloud Storage and gives you free usage of resources within that project, up to:

  • 5 GB of storage
  • 25 GB of download data (20 GB to Americas and EMEA*; 5 GB to Asia-Pacific)
  • 25 GB of upload data (20 GB to Americas and EMEA*; 5 GB to Asia-Pacific)
  • 30,000 GET, HEAD requests
  • 3,000 PUT, POST, GET bucket**, GET service** requests

The free quota will be reflected on your invoice at the end of the billing period. All usage above the trial quota will be charged.


If you exceed your free trial quota, your Google Cloud Storage account is billed according to the following tables:


Monthly UsageStandard Storage (per GB per month)Durable Reduced Availability Storage Price (per GB per month)
First 0-1 TB$0.085$0.063
Next 9 TB$0.076$0.054
Next 90 TB$0.067$0.049
Next 400 TB$0.063$0.045
Next 4500 TB$0.054$0.042

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