Google App Engine Finally Debuts the Search API

The Google App Engine team has been consistently rolling out a new release every month recently. They have become so consistent in doing so, that new releases probably do not make that much of a splash. However, the team has pleasantly surprised everyone by delivering on one of the most requested features that developers had asked from their PaaS Platform: Search. Yes, you read that right.

The feature was first requested 4 years back and support for the Search API on Google App Engine was announced a few days back, though in an experimental mode for now. The Search API at a high level leverages the Google Infrastructure to add full text search to your application. The API packs quite a punch and not only includes basic searching for fields and ranges but also scoring and snippeting.

To help developers understand integrating Search in their application, there is a Sample application, that you will need to setup and try out. The team is requested developers to report issues as they use it and it is good to see that some issues reported are currently even being worked on.

The Search API is currently available in Experimental mode Python and Java. If you are an App Engine developer, what are your thoughts on the Search API? What kind of benefits do you see as compared to your home grown solutions?

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