Google AppEngine Adds Admin Features, Removes Conversion API

The Google AppEngine team has stuck to a schedule of releasing a new version every month or so. While the other PaaS vendors have been stealing the thunder of late, App Engine continues to roll along with more features for the developers who have bet on the Platform. The latest release 1.7.1 contains Administrative enhancements, Java & Python updates and a decommissioning of the Conversion API.

On the Administration front, you can now download a CSV file of your applications usage report for the last 90 days. Additionally, the Memcache Viewer in Admin console now supports namespaces.

The Java API sees a strong enhancement via full support of DataNucleus plugin V2. This brings in support for JPA 2 and JDO 3. Python sees enhancements to Appstats and support for PyCrypto 2.6 in third party libraries.

The Conversion API, when released seemed promising since it performed one of the common tasks of translating from one format to another. However, it did not meet the adoption that it expected and starting with 1.7.1 release, it is being marked as decommissioned. The API will no longer be supported with the first release post November 1.

Refer to the Java, Go, Python release notes for the full list of 1.7.1 features and bug fixes.

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