Google Buys Mashup

Amid all of the API and mashup news last week between the Where 2.0 Conference and Google Developer Day there was another interesting tidbit of mashup news: the Google Earth team bought the Spanish geo-centric photo sharing service Panoramio. The service, started in fall of 2005, lets users upload photos and geolocate them on Google Maps and Google Earth. This application was one of our earliest ProgrammableWeb mashup listings back in 2005 and you can see our Panoramio Profile here. Below is a screenshot from the service back when they started:

Of course it's much more than just a mashup and Panoramio has lots of useful features and a large, quickly growing community (over 1 million photos, 4 million monthly uniques, and 30 million page views -- see this Alexa chart on their blog to view how fast they've grown). For some time now, Panoramio has been the default photo layer for Google Earth which in turn had a lot to do with this acquisition. A big congratulations to co-founder Eduardo Manchón and the Panoramio team. You can read more at Panoramio's Q & A page and the Official Google Blog.

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