Google Buzz Now Available via Yahoo's YQL

Another day, another API... Keeping on top of all the APIs that have been made public these days can be a full time job, not mention trying to write code across all of them. Yahoo thought so too, and so they created Yahoo Query Language (YQL), which offers a simplified, SQL-like interface across not only Yahoo's APIs, but third-party APIs as well. In order to make this extensible and flexible, this Platform offers Open Data Tables (ODT), which allow creation of user-defined table definitions for any open API. And so, since Google Buzz has an API, the Yahoo team created a Google Buzz data table:

We were seeing a lot of hype around Google Buzz today and we thought YQL would love to chew on the data. Fifteen or so minutes later we had an Open Table (the blog post took a bit longer :P ) wrapping the Google Buzz API. It's now live on GitHub: XML.

You can use it in your queries like this: USE "" AS; SELECT * FROM WHERE user="nakedtechnologist".


Buzz joins other Google services already supported by YQL like geocoding, translate, search and news, along with over 600 other data sources.

YQL forms part of the Yahoo! Open Strategy (YOS), which Yahoo describes as a "rewiring" of their service:

Yahoo! has long been associated with bringing the Internet to the masses, first making history with the Yahoo! search engine and Portal in 1994. Now, with the introduction of the Yahoo! Open Strategy (YOS), we're ready to make history again.

Through YOS, we're rewiring Yahoo! so that developers can tap into benefits once only available within Yahoo!. Namely, you can leverage the content, traffic, and user base of Yahoo! to extend your presence on the Web.

Whether you are just a small hobbyist or large company, the Open Strategy provides a new avenue for you to reach and connect with Yahoo! users like never before.


You can read more about YQL in our earlier YOS and YQL coverage, and find links to YQL mashups and other resources through our YQL API Profile.

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