Google Cast API Updates Promise Faster Streaming and New Games

With plenty of features catering to users coming out of Google I/O, the event has also seen new developer releases that will strengthen its streaming offerings, writes Ronald Chavez for Mashable.

Through the release of a new set of APIs, Google is hoping to simplify development opportunities for its Chromecast streaming service. This begins with allowing developers to create queues of pre-loaded content, and reorder queue items during playback. The company is predicting that this will increase engagement length by up to 20%.

Another API will make it easier for developers to employ a second screen for use in games and other apps with Google Cast. This would allow the use of the phone as a gaming controller while the gameplay action is displayed on a TV. This also has applications in apps like Pixlr, whose photo editing features could be performed on a phone to appear on a TV or other monitor.

Finally, the Google Cast Game Manager API will improve the process of building multi-player games, which was first rolled out in November last year. The new API will streamline the experience for developers, making it faster and easier

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Google Cast updates make way for faster streaming and new games