Google Cast SDK Brings Mobile and Web Apps to Your TV

Chromecast, the $35 device from Google that allows you to stream content from your mobile phone to your TV, has announced the release of a publicly available Google Cast SDK that allows developers to plug in support for casting content from their mobile and Web applications onto their TV screens. By encouraging developers to integrate Google Cast SDK support into their apps, Google is likely to change our interaction with TV in more ways than we can imagine.

The Google Cast SDK is available for download and ready to make your applications cast-ready. The key point is that you do not have to write a new application to enable casting, and you can get going by integrating the SDK right within existing Android and iOS applications. You can also enable casting of your Web applications inside Chrome via the Chromecast extension.

Since the availability of the device last year, users and developers have been eagerly awaiting the API so they can move beyond the standard stock applications that were available on the device. The move is likely to open a flood of applications that integrate casting and use the multiscreen experience in more effective ways than have been seen before.

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It is interesting to note that there are clear design guidelines given to developers to integrate casting functionality in their applications. This effort put in by Google makes it very clear that they want the Cast button to be a standard functionality when it comes to media applications that could make use of the TV.  Developers can access sample applications made available to understand the best practices.

Google is rolling out the functionality as quickly as it can. The SDK will be available for Android developers as part of the Android Play Services version 4.2 that will be released in the next few days. All Chromecast devices have already been upgraded to the latest software. Google Chrome Cast Extension is now available along with the iOS SDK. Check out the Downloads section for more details.

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