Google Chart Mashups: Love and Stats

Do you like charts, statistics and graphs? Apparently lots of developers do given how quickly folks have taken to creating charting apps following last month's release of the Google Chart API. Here in our PW directory we're starting to see some interesting mashups built with it being submitted. They range from useful interactive charts that let you visualize US federal spending to not-so-serious charts that let you graph your love life. Here are three new entries from our directory:

  • US Federal Contracts by State: Federal contract data from visually presented using the Google Chart API. See where the money goes. (From prolific and talented mashup developer Jim Hamilton, see his PW profile for more.)
  • Chart Generator: An Ajax web form that lets you interactively try-out Google Charts by directly entering data and seeing the results.
  • Love-o-Graph: Fun app that takes information about you and your crush, and generates lots of data about your potential as a couple. Type your name and the name of your crush in the appropriate boxes, and hit Graph It.

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