Google Chrome Dev Summit Announcments Include New Education Programs

During day one of Google's Chome Dev Summit, the Google team made a number of developer-focused announcements and launches. From developer playbooks and Google Play global expansion, to developer degree programs and new metrics; Google wasted no time capturing its audience's attention and setting the social media world ablaze with #ChromeDevSummit conversations.

Building on the success of its first developer playbook (The Secrets to App Success on Google Play - launched in 2014), Google announced the second edition. The new edition includes all of Google's new tools (e.g. Store Listing Experiments, Smart Lock for Password, etc.) and a host of best practices to help developers grow the quality, user base, engagement, and profitability of apps and games published on Google Play. Check out the blog announcement or go directly to the second edition to learn more.

On the heels of a successful pilot program in India, developers can now reduce the price of premium titles and in-app products in 17 additional countries. At this point, Google Play truly constitutes a global platform, as it is now available in over 190 countries. The expansion of its minimum price flexibility program allows developers to address local market nuances and behavior. Developers can adjust price of apps and games through the Google Play Developer Console. To learn more, visit the blog post announcement

Next, Google announced a new developer program in partnership with Udacity: Nanodegree. Nanodegree is an online program designed to teach developers the tools, frameworks, and techniques needed to build progressive Web applications that are both simple to use and secure. Google and Udacity estimate that 10 hours of work per week will allow students to complete the program in 9-12 months. New technologies used in the coursework include Service Worker, Web Components, Gulp, and more. Free and paid options are available. To keep up with all the latest releases and announcements at the Chome Dev Summit, check out the live stream

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