Google Cloud Datastore API Rebuilt for Better Performance and Access

Google announced updates to its Cloud Datastore API that reflects important updates to its NoSQL database. The update is a redesign of the underlying architecture for cross- Platform access to the API from outside Google App Engine (e.g. Google Container Engine, Google Computer Engine, etc.). Google is confident the update will improve the database's performance and reliability.

The new Cloud Datastore API (v1beta3) is now available. Users must enable the API before usage. Because of the redesign, users cannot rely on enablement of previous versions. Alongside the redesign, Google published a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the API. The SLA will not take effect until the API is Generally Available. With v1beta3 now available, Google has deprecated v1beta2, with its typical 6-month grace period. Accordingly, the older version will cease to be available on September 30, 2016.

The focus of the rebuild was performance and reliability. After tests, Google reports lower latency for both average and long tail cases. Further, the rebuild offers an entirely new platform. The new platform offers the potential for improved performance and additional functionality moving forward. Idiomatic Google libraries are all available for use (i.e. Node.js, Python, Java, Go, and Ruby). To learn more, visit the client libraries within the docs.

To avoid confusion, App Engine Client libraries remain covered as part of the App Engine SLA, not the new Cloud Datastore SLA. Upgrading for those using the Google Cloud Client Libraries is straightforward (i.e. simply update the client libraries from GitHub). To learn more about Cloud Datastore in general, visit the getting started  guide

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