Google Cloud Debugger Extends Support to Java Applications on Compute Engine

Google Cloud Platform is on a roll this week with multiple features being released to make monitoring and debugging applications easier. Google Cloud Debugger, which lets developers debug projects, has added support for projects running on Google Compute Engine. Late last year, the service debuted with support for managed virtual machines based projects but has now added support for Java projects that are deployed on Google Compute Engine.

Product manager Keith Smith announced support for Google Compute Engine on the official blog. The debugger is applicable for both production and staging instances. It is not expected to add more than 10 milliseconds to request latency.

The debugger does not support applications running in every language. Support is for the following:

  • A Java application (Java SDK 7 or 8) running on Compute Engine
  • 64-bit Debian Linux image
  • Your project source code has to be available in the Cloud Repository or via a connected repository (GitHub or Bitbucket). Cloud Repository is a Git repository that is associated with every Google Cloud Platform project.

Google Cloud Debugger in Action

To enable your Java application to be debugged, you need to hook up the Cloud Debugger Agent with your application, such that the agent is running when the application starts up. On your GCE instance, download a bootstrap script that not only downloads the latest version of the debugger agent but also provides the command that you can then pass while starting your Java application.

To debug your application, you will need to use the Cloud Developer Console, navigate to your Source Code/Browse link and then enable Debug by clicking on the line number of the particular source code file.


Setting a breakpoint in your source file

The ability to debug application code is definitely one of the top features that any application developer would look for. It was managed VMs earlier and now Java apps. We can definitely look forward to Google Cloud Debugger supporting more language runtimes this year.

For full instructions on setting up Cloud Debugger, check out the setup guide.

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