Google Cloud Platform Announces Infrastucture improvements and price cuts

Google wants to be considered as a serious contender in Cloud Infrastructure space. During Google I/O, it had announced the Google Compute Engine to take Amazon head on in the IaaS segment. Since then, it has rolled out infrastructural improvements and Platform features across the entire suite of Google Cloud Platform products ranging from Google Storage, App Engine and more. With the Amazon AWS re: Invent coming up this week, the timing couldn't have been more perfect to announce new features and signficant price cuts in their Cloud Platform offering.

The official blog post highlighted the high level features in the new offering: new storage and compute capabilities, significantly lower prices, and more European Datacenter support.

Google Compute Engine, which provides virtual machines running on Google infrastructure has cut down its prices of previously available standard instances by 5%. The pricing now starts at $0.138 per hour Do note that Compute Engine is currently in Limited Preview. In addition to price cuts, they have also introduced 36 new instance types that range for applications requiring High Memory, High CPU and even diskless configurations.

Google Cloud Storage also sees a whopping price cut of 20% and a preview of DRA (Durable Reduced Availability), a service similar to Google Cloud Storage but which aims to lower storage cost at a cost of data availability.

Google Cloud Platrofrm is now offering its users increasing support for European Data Centers. The option is rolled out for Cloud Storage, App Engine, Cloud SQL with support for Compute Engine to be rolled out soon.

For full information, refer to the Google Enterprise Blog announcement.

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