Google Cloud Platform Announces Introduces Key Features Announced at IO

The Google Cloud Platform Team has made available several features that it announced during Google I/O 2013. The features have been spread out across key services under the Google Cloud Platform: Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Datastore and Google App Engine. The features focus on Scaling your applications, developer productivity and a major update for PHP runtime in Google App Engine.

First up is support for Load Balancing that is now available on Google Cloud Platform. The Load Balancing features include distributing load over a set of Compute Engine VMs in the same region. The entire configuration is also exposed over the command line and a REST API. It is available immediately and is free till end of 2013. Starting 2014, standard pricing applies.

Google Cloud Datastore continues to see momentum  and the latest release brings some productivity improvements to GCS. This release sees support for Google Query Language (GQL) to retrieving keys/entities from Cloud Datastore,  support for Metadata Queries, an improved set of command line tools and Ruby code snippets to get Ruby applications going with the datastore.

At this year's Google I/O, the wish of many PHP Developers to finally get a PHP Runtime on Google App Engine was announced. Since its announcement, Google has been pleasantly surprised by the strong support that it has received from the PHP Developer community. To build up on this interest, the latest Google App Engine 1.8.3 release is focused on PHP. Latest features include improved support for working with directories in Google Cloud Storage, performance improvement via memcache-backed optimistic read caching and tons of bug fixes. There are also few updates on the other runtime platforms in the latest release. Check out the release notes.

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