Google Cloud Platform Announces Multiple Networking Updates

One of the advantages of running applications on Google Cloud Platform is that they benefit from the massive infrastructure that Google has built over the last decade. As the number of users across multiple geographies increases, it is important that the platform provides support via various networking services for bandwidth- and latency-sensitive applications, along with secure connectivity from on-premises applications.

On that front, Google Cloud Platform announced multiple updates that help leverage its global network, which has more than 70 points of presence across 33 countries. There were four announcements in that area:

  • General availability of Google Cloud DNS, a reliable and low-latency DNS service that is powered by Google's worldwide network of Anycast DNS servers. Users can manage DNS records for all their services, including Compute Engine, App Engine and Google Cloud Storage. The service can be used via the Web console, command line interface or a REST API.
  • Google load balancing has been extended to an additional 12 locations around the world.
  • Google Compute Engine VPN is now available in beta. Users can connect their existing networks to a Compute Engine VPN or even connect two Compute Engine VPNs as gateways.
  • Enterprises need to connect their on-premises infrastructure securely to Google. The Carrier Interconnect program caters to that, and Google has announced an additional 11 Carrier Interconnect service providers. The new providers include Colt and euNetworks.

With these announcements, Google is making available its best-in-class networking infrastructure to applications running on its platform. This would have been unimaginable a few years back, but in the high-stakes infrastructure-as-a-service space, Google is playing its cards carefully, and it knows that its network could be its best bet for certain classes of applications hosted in the cloud.

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