Google Cloud Platform Unveils Pub/Sub Messaging Service

In a world where disconnected devices and systems need to reliably talk to each other in an asynchronous manner, a messaging broker is often the solution. Google Cloud Platform, unlike its main competitors, AWS and Azure, did not have a messaging service available for developers. This is no longer the case with the release of Google Cloud Pub/Sub, a way to connect applications and services.

Rohit Khare, Product Manager on Google Cloud Platform, announced that Google Cloud Pub/Sub is now available in Beta. The service delivers low-latency, durable messaging to systems/applications that are hosted on Google Cloud Platform and external applications including on-premise apps as shown below:

Google Cloud Pub/Sub Architecture

If you are familiar with other messaging systems, the features are in line with those expected along with Google scale.  You can have both push and pull subscriptions. Push Subscribers should currently have HTTPS Endpoints that can receive POST requests. Pull subscribers will need to make HTTPS requests to the Google Cloud Pub/Sub API Service. 

In the Beta period, the service is available free of charge and per project, you can have 10,000 topics and send 10,000 messages per second. Check out the quotas page for more details. Google Cloud Pub/Sub API is based on HTTP and JSON, with several client libraries available for the language of your choice. You can monitor the service performance via the Cloud console or via the Cloud Monitoring API.

To get started with Google Cloud Pub/Sub, check out the official documentation.

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