Google Cloud Platform Updates Include Custom Machine Types

Google Cloud Platform has seen a busy November with regular feature updates, services going GA and a focus on ensuring that the platform delivers flexibility, scale and ease of operation.

One killer feature recently announced is the availability of Custom Machine Types. No longer do you need to overbuy the capacity of your VMs. Users can choose the number of vCPUs and amount of memory. This is a great feature for developers who require the flexibility of spinning up the app with a custom machine type that mirrors their tested load. Custom Machine Types is now available in Beta and is supported on CentOS, CoreOS, Debian, OpenSUSE and Ubuntu. 


Netflix continues to be a leader in releasing various parts of its engineering and infrastructure software as open source. It announced the availability of Spinnaker, a Continuous Delivery platform as open source. Spinnaker is now available on Google Cloud Platform as a solution that you can spin up in an instant via Google Cloud Launcher. You can follow the tutorial on managing deployments on Google Cloud Platform with Spinnaker.

The Cloud Console Mobile application got an update focused on allowing users to access logs on the go. You can now access the logs for both App Engine applications and Compute Engine VMs. The update is available for both iOS and Android versions.


Google is best known for its network infrastructure and with the Google Cloud Platform, this is no different. Towards that, they announced that Akamai has joined its CDN Interconnect program, thereby reducing latency and egress cost for joint customers. HTTPs Load Balancing has gone General Availability (GA) too.

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