Google Cloud Storage Nearline Goes to General Availability

Earlier this year, Google Cloud Storage Nearline disrupted the cloud cold storage service by providing near-real-time access to storage data. This was generally not the norm in cold storage services such as Amazon Glacier, where the access time could be in hours. The cost and low-latency features made it attractive for organizations to consider the service. The Nearline service has now gone to general availability status, with additional incentives for organizations to move from competing cloud storage services like Amazon S3.
By moving to GA status, Cloud Storage Nearline will be governed by a 99% uptime service-level agreement and several other features that establish it as a clear leader. These include:

  • The On-Demand I/O feature allows an organization to request increased I/O from nearline buckets that is more than the allowed 4 MB/s read throughput per terabyte of data. While users will be charged for what they use, On-Demand I/O is free of charge for the first three months after launch.

  • The Online Cloud Import Tool has been rebranded as Cloud Storage Transfer Service. This is the online tool to help import data from secured endpoints within an organization and/or from competing storage services such as Amazon S3. Life-cycle management has been added to Cloud Storage Nearline, allowing users to schedule data to periodic archival into nearline storage and deletion too.

  • Existing customers of competing services or even users of on-premises infrastructure who switch to Cloud Storage Nearline stand to get 100 PB of data free for six months as part of the Switch and Save program.

Google has announced several Cloud Storage Nearline partners that have integrated Nearline with their product offerings and can help organizations migrate to this service. Check out the website and documentation for more details.

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