Google Cloud Vision API is Now GA

Google has made several announcements within the past week regarding the Google Cloud Platform including the launch of the Google Consumer Surveys API, the general availability of the Google Cloud Vision API with new features, the launch of Google Cloud CDN Beta, and the launch of Autodesk Maya.

Google has launched the Google Consumer Surveys API which allows Google Consumer Surveys Enterprise customers and developers to create and add surveys to Web and mobile applications. Developers can create surveys with a variety of question types and segment survey respondents. The API can also be used to download and analyze survey results which can then be incorporated into Web and mobile applications or specific research.

The Google Cloud Vision API has reached general availability and can be used by developers to create applications that can understand the content of an image, detect objects and faces within an image, perform image sentiment analysis, and classify images into categories such as flowers, animals, transportation, etc. The general release of the Google Cloud Vision API includes two new features: expanded logo detection (covers millions of logos) and updated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) so that the API can understand more granular text like receipts.

Google has launched Cloud CDN Beta, Google's content delivery network for its Cloud Platform. Google Cloud CDN accelerates content delivery for websites, Web and mobile applications. It lowers network latency and offloads origins so that application users experience very fast page loads and images access as well as improved live-stream video experiences.

Google is collaborating with Autodesk to launch Autodesk Maya, a new cloud-optimized animation, modeling, and rendering service. 3D scenes are transferred to Google Compute Engine in the background via a Maya plugin while the user is working with the software.

For more information about the Google Consumer Surveys API, Google Cloud Vision API, and Google Cloud CDN Beta visit the Google Cloud Platform website. For more information about Autodesk Maya, visit the official website.

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