Google Completing Accelerated Budget Delivery Sunset

Google has announced the complete sunset of accelerated budget delivery. Last October, Google sunsetted its use with search campaigns, shopping campaigns, and shared budgets. Now, Google is beginning to sunset its use with other campaign types (this includes both shared and non-shared budgets). Such apps include Display, App, video campaigns and more.

The next set of changes will take place at the end of April 2020. At that time, Google APIs will prevent campaigns from using budgets (new and existing) with the accelerated delivery method. The error message received will vary depending on the Google API used, and Google has provided the specific error responses in a blog post announcement.

Current users can still make changes to existing accelerated budgets until May 2020. Such changes include updating amount or status fields or using AdsApp.Budget methods. More than likely, Google will remove support for accelerated budget delivery in future versions of the Google Ads API. Visit the AdWords API /Google Ads API forum to ask questions or learn more.

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