Google Delays API Sunsets and Supports Developers in Wake of COVID-19

Google's latest move in response to the COVID-19 pandemic should allow Google Ads API developers to breathe a sigh of relief. Google is pushing back the sunset date for Google Ads API v1. The new sunset date is July 29, 2020.

Additionally, any changes to the API that require updates to the AdWords API or Ads API code will be pushed back as well. In other words, new changes that would normally require an API update are being held off for the time being. Despite giving developers more time to adjust in the wake of COVID-19, Google is pushing ahead with the development of new Ads API versions and features.

In addition to easing sunset dates and providing developers more time to adjust to the current circumstances, Google has published some resources specifically dedicated to helping developers navigate this time. For Google Ads users, visit Google's COVID-19 support resource for Google Ads. To supplement, Google has published Navigating your campaigns through COVID-19. The Google Ads Help center is still available; however, Google has posted a delay for non-API related support. email or visit the forum to ask additional questions.

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