Google Dialogflow Enterprise Edition Generally Available

This week, Google announced that its Dialogflow Enterprise Edition is now generally available. The development suite allows developers to build conversational interfaces for websites, mobile apps, messaging platforms, and IoT devices. The development suite originally came to Google through its API.AI acquisition, and, until now, has been in beta under the Google brand.

Dialogflow uses natural language processing to understand a user's intent. Dialogflow is pre-built with certain entities (e.g. time, date, numbers, etc.), but developers can also train the agent to identify custom entity types through small datasets. To help developers get started, Google offers over 30 pre-built agents.

Developers can build serverless applications with the code editor through Cloud Functions for Firebase. Developers working outside of Firebase can provide their own webhooks that can be hosted in the cloud or on-premise. Dialogflow supports more than 20 languages and integrates with more than 14 platforms. Accordingly, Dialogflow based chatbots aren't for Google products only, but will integrate with Alexa, Facebook Messenger, and many others.

Those interested can give Dialogflow a trial run for free. The Enterprise version uses a pay as you go model, with unlimited calls. The Enterprise version operates under the Google Cloud Platform.

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