Google Earth API Set for Execution


Google has announced its intent to deprecate the Google Earth API. In the past six years, the Google Earth API has driven many rich 3D mapping applications. However, the API is based on a legacy NPAPI plugin technology which is on its way out of support from Google and other platforms. The security issues associated with NPAPI and the shrinking cross- Platform support has forced Google to turn off the API on December 12, 2015.

For the next year, Google Earth API users will have some limited ability to use the API. For both Chrome and Firefox, developers can only utilize the latest browser that supports NPAPI. Chrome users are limited to Chrome 5.0-39.0 and Firefox users are limited to Firefox 11.0-34.0. While the Google Earth API phases out, Google admits that "3D is in our blood" and suggests that additional products in the 3D realm are soon to come. 

Although the popular Google Earth API will soon meets its end, Google remains full speed ahead with Google Earth for Android. Designed specifically for mobile, Google Earth for Android "enables you to explore the globe with a swipe of your finger." To learn more about the deprecation of the Google Earth API, visit the blog announcement; and check out Google Play for more information about Google Earth for Android.

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