As the Google Earth API Shutdown Nears, What Are Your Options?

Due to security concerns and dwindling cross- Platform support for the relevant NPAPI plugin Framework, the Google Earth API is due to be shut down in early 2016. In the build-up to the closure, Timothy Whitehead wrote this post on Google Earth Blog that takes a look at a few of the sites that used to depend on the API, and what tools they are using now.

Rally Navigator leveraged the Google Earth API to build rally road books used by the navigating co-pilots to rally drivers so they know what to expect after each turn. In preparation of the deprecation, the development team redesigned the online application to use Google Maps instead. The new version doesn’t boast the same 3D effects, but it now offers more features as Google Maps continues to develop.

Without access to the Google Earth API, GETeach does seem to suffer from the lack of access to historical and 3D imagery. Despite the loss of these features, the site now uses the Google Maps API and is still a valuable application that helps teachers educate students using Google Geo Tools.

Unfortunately for flight-tracking enthusiasts, FlightRadar24 had not found viable replacement 3D technology for Google Earth API by the time the author reviewed the site. The app is still live but offers only a 2D experience for locating live flights around the globe, which is still highly engaging.

Lastly, the author looked at the popular flight simulator GEFS Online that was once based on Google Earth API. However, despite the looming deadline, no apparent work has been conducted to ensure continuity of the application after the shutdown, meaning that the Google Earth API won’t be the only casualty of the deprecation.

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