Google Earth Mashups Coming to the Mac

After much anticipation from the Mac community (both users and developers), Google has released the Mac version of its Google Earth Browser Plugin. As with the Windows-only previous release, the plugin allows users to view Google Earth within their web browser. The plugin is supported on Safari 3.1+ and Firefox 3.0+ on Mac OS X 10.4+ (PowerPC and Intel).

This means that developers can now include the Google Earth API (our Google Earth API Profile) on their mashups with the added benefit of giving Mac users access to the same features as Windows users. To get started, download the plugin by visiting any site that uses the API, such as the Hello Google Earth! example (note that the download is 46MB). You can find additional Documentation and code examples by visiting the Google Earth API Developer's Guide web site.

In honor of this release the Google geo team has release a new mapping-based game called Puzzler. For developers, Google's Mano Marks points-out an added bonus: "it's open source, so you're free to adopt the code." It's our Mashup of the Day today.

Google Earth Puzzler

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