Google Earth Now Goes From the Ocean Floor to Mars in 3D

Google has released version 5.0 of its Google Earth Plugin (our Google Earth API profile), a browser plugin that enables users to load Google Earth in the browser. The latest release includes several new features that make the plugin, and its corresponding API, even more valuable for geospatial visualization.

GE Plugin

This new version of the plugin provides visitors with the ability to dive underwater to explore the world's oceans, record and play back narrated tours, view historical imagery, and explore Mars in 3D.

GE Plugin

If you are already familiar with the Google Earth Plugin API, you will appreciate the updates and bug fixes for the API that are included in the latest release notes. Google has also updated its Earth API Demo Gallery with samples that reflect the latest release and the blog post on the Google Geo Developers Blog hints at what features may be added next:

  • Getting the other new Google Earth 5.0 features into the plugin
  • More complete API support for KML tours
  • Native API interfaces for time primitives

With this release Google has expanded the features and functionality available for developers to create visually and functionally rich mashups that provide a compelling User Experience in 3D. And these new features will further solidify its position as one of the most popular of the 80 mapping APIs in our API directory.

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