Google-enhance Your Magento Page for Increased Customer Data

Magento is a Platform designed to help businesses host and grow their ecommerce presence. Their user dashboard displays data sets concerning product performance, statistics, and general account maintenance. However, the native service lacks in psychographic analysis that modern online portals require to be successful.

To circumvent a potential drought in rich user data reporting, WhaTech recommends integrating the Universal Google Analytics (UGA) API into every Magento storeowner’s page. This tool can be used to track demographic qualities, referral sources, user behaviors, and can link multiple devices to a singular user ID tag for more accurate visitor estimation size. 

The API is easy to implement, and can be implemented through the Configuration panel of a user’s Magento account. There are also 3rd party Magento extensions that make the process of adding (UGA) to each Magento page a breeze.

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Google analytics adds extra benefits to your Magento store