Google Enhances AdMob SDK, Overhauls API

Google has made multiple announcements related to AdMob, its mobile app monetization Platform. The announcements include a number of enhancements to the AdMob SDK, and a completely new AdMob API. Both the SDK enhancements and the API overhaul focus on improved access to greater insights for AdMob users.

"At AdMob, we're focused on helping publishers make smarter decisions to grow their mobile app earnings and deliver the best experience to their users," the AdMob team commented in a blog post announcement. "Clear, comprehensive reporting is a big part of this, and we've recently released some updates to our reporting so that you can gain more actionable insights about your app users."

Historically, developers accessed AdMob stats through the AdSense API. AdSense and AdMob use different ad metrics and definitions. Accordingly, the AdSense API was not an optimal solution for developers. The new AdMob API grants publishers programmatic access to AdMob metrics. The metrics align with the metrics available through the AdMob Front-end interface. Google also indicated that reports will be more accurate through the new API. The API is currently in beta, and those interested should reach out to a mobile specialist.

The SDK enhancements focus on better insights. A new user engagement card is available through the App Overview dashboard. The card provides top-line user numbers. Revenue reporting now includes in-app purchases and subscriptions. With the new rewarded ads feature, publishers can better understand how users interact with ads. To enable the new features, users need to update to the latest SDK (Android 18.1.0, iOS 7.44 or later). Additionally, users need to enable user metrics by following a few steps listed in this Help Center Article.

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