Google Expands AI Portfolio

Google made a number of announcements this week surrounding the company's continued investment in AI. The announcements included updates to Cloud AutoML Vision, Natural Language, Translation, and Dialogflow Enterprise Edition. Additionally, Google announced a new AI solution: Contact Center AI.

Cloud AutoML aims to fill the gap between AI tools for experienced AI professionals (e.g. TensorFlow and Cloud ML Engine) and out of the box, pre-trained Machine Learning tools (e.g. Cloud Vision API). Cloud AutoML was originally announced earlier this year through the ÅutoML Vision product, which extended the Cloud Vision API to new categories of images. The alpha trial was successful, and Google has now added Natural Language and Translation to the product. With the new features, Cloud AutoML is now in public beta.

Google introduced Dialogflow Enterprise edition late last year which aimed to improve efficiencies across enterprise contact centers. Since then, over 600,000 developers have used the AI-based tool to build conversational virtual agents. To the previously available Cloud Speech-to-Text technology, Google has now added text to speech and a gateway for telephony Integration.

Finally, Google has announced an alpha version of its new product, Contact Center AI. Contact Center AI Builds on Dialogflow by putting human agents at the center. When a virtual agent no longer serves a caller's need, the caller is transferred to a human agent and Contact Center AI technology remains in a support role. Through various features, Contact Center AI provides the human agent with relevant information, knowledge connectors, and other real time solutions. 

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