Google Expands G Suite Delegate Settings via Gmail API

Google recently announced that it is changing the way that delegate settings are managed within G Suite. The Gmail APITrack this API is being expanded to handle these settings, and the Email Settings API, which had previously been used for controlling delegate relationships, will be deprecated as of October 16, 2019. Beyond the migration of responsibilities, Google is also expanding the functionality provided to the Gmail API in delegate management.

Gmail delegation is most commonly used when an executive would like to grant their administrative assistant access to their mailbox. Granting access allows the assistant to read, send, and delete messages, as well as view and add contacts to the executive’s account. Until now, G Suite administrators had added and revoked these privileges via the Email Settings API, which will be deprecated as this functionality is transitioned to the Gmail API. Google has provided a migration guide that should aid administrators in this transition. 

With this update, administrators are being provided with additional functionality that includes the ability to create delegate relationships across multiple domains belonging to the same G Suite organization. Admins can now delete pending and rejected delegate relationships via the API, as well as use the delegates.get method to retrieve the delegate relationship status of a user.

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