Google Extends Deprecation Timeline for JavaScript Maps API v2

Google has just announced that the company will be extending the deprecation timeline of JavaScript Maps API v2 by six months. The deprecation date for Google JavaScript Maps API v2 is now November 19, 2013.


Google released JavaScript Maps API v3 back in May 2009, a completely new and separate version and was set by Google to be the default version. The new version of the API includes advanced features and functionality such as elevation, transit directions and symbols.

According to the Google post, on the November 19 deprecation date Google will deploy a JavaScript wrapper that should convert most remaining v2 maps into v3 maps.

Google is strongly advising that any sites still using the v2 map should switch to v3 before the deprecation deadline. There is an upgrade guide available to help developers complete the migration process.

Developers can also find more information and demos for different types of Google Maps such as base, satellite, street view, places, routing and data visualization at

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