Google Fit Developer Challenge Winners Announced

Google has announced winners of its Google Fit Developer Challenge. The contest kicked off in November and invited developers to build fitness apps that integrate with devices from Adidas, Polar or Withings and make use of Google Fit APIs. The contest was open until February for submission, and 12 grand prize winners as well as multiple runners-up have been announced.

Google had provided information on the types of applications it was expecting. These included fitness based-games, sharing fitness data with others and fitness apps for specific groups. The winning apps demonstrate a range of usage that could definitely give a flip to how fitness apps could work well with various devices.

The grand prize winners include:

  • Aqualert: An app that reminds you to remain hydrated throughout the day.


  • FitHub: This app lets you track your fitness activity from multiple devices and accounts, including Google Fit. It also brings in the community aspect by letting you share that data with your friends.


  • Instant - Quantified Self: This app serves a dual purpose of tracking your physical and digital activity, and whether you are using your phone or a certain app more than your own defined limits.

The grand prize winners will be promoted on the Play Store, and the winners and runners-up have received multiple fitness devices, including the X_CELL and SPEED_CELL from Adidas, a new Android Wear device, a Loop activity tracker with an H7 heart rate sensor from Polar and a Smart Body Analyzer from Withings.

Check out all the winners in the official blog post.

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