Google Forms Gains API, Enabling Automated Form Workflows

Google has announced the Restricted Beta release of an all-new API for Google Forms. This new API provides programmatic control for the company’s popular Google Forms product, enabling users to simplify form deployment and response automation.

The company highlighted the value of the Google Forms API as it relates to the common industries that utilize the service, including business operations, customer management, event planning and logistics, and education. By leveraging API access to this Resource, these industries will be able to deploy forms more efficiently, potentially expanding the number of use cases where forms are implemented. 

Google was quick to note that this API will not only allow for the programmatic deployment of forms but also automated engagement with form responses. This will allow businesses to not only deploy forms but also program business processes to respond to customer input.

While this API is in Restricted Beta at the moment, Google intends to move toward an open beta in Q4 of this year.