Google GData Admin Settings API Shutting Down Oct. 31

Google has made good on the previous news that it will shutter the GData Admin Settings API. The company first announced plans to sunset the API in August 2016, and later extended the API's lifespan through October 31, 2018. Now, the day of reckoning is here. Are you ready to switch over to the new APIs?

The GData Admin Settings API lets Google Apps admins retrieve and change the settings of their domains in the form of Google Data API feeds. For example, admins could use the API to create a custom control panel or integrate Google Apps domains into an existing legacy environment. At this point, however, the Admin Settings API has been mostly replaced by newer tools.

Google says some, but not all, of the GData Admin Settings API's functions have replacements. The GData Admin Settings API has four main functions: general settings, account settings, appearance settings, verification settings. The first two functions have a total of 10 API endpoints that are being shutdown. The goods news is that the Directory API: Customers replaces half of them. For example, under the general settings heading, the /defaultLanguage and /organizationName endpoints have been replicated in the Directory API: Customers. This allows G Suite admins to maintain some functionality.

The appearance settings and verification settings endpoints have no direct replacements and are being fully discontinued. That means they will no longer work after October 31.

The single sign-on and gateway/router settings portion of the GData Admin Settings API will remain up and functional for the time being. Google says it is still working to find adequate replacements for these endpoints and will provide that information when available. Moreover, once it does find replacements Google will keep the original endpoints up and running for an additional 12 months. Google suggests developers and admins pay attention to its blog to learn more when the news is announced.

Google often deprecates APIs as they become obsolete. In this case, the Directory API: Customers API handles a lot of the features once managed in the GData Admin Settings API. 


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